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Genetic Drift for the ][e
Observations on Modern Man by Scott Schram

Evolutionary theorists have bombarded us with prophecies of doom ever since Charlie Darwin
first mentioned the idea that species might be unstable, back before the advent of the
microcomputer. Mankind, according to its critics, will fail to adapt to a world undergoing
accelerated change which Man himself is bringing about. The world of several hundred years
hence may be ruled by sharks, beetles, seagulls and other adaptable species.

This game takes a more optimistic view.

With all the advances currently taking place in genetic engineering there is good cause to
believe that Man can manipulate his genetic future, and thus increase the likelihood that
he will be represented in the future biological order. This game is an exercise in
controlling genetic drift, for the purpse of assuring that we continue to be surrounded
by friendly life forms.

You are assigned a central role in the game, in the middle, surrounded at all points of the
compass by unfriendly life forms. These other species are quite unstable and are constantly
slinging their genetic material at you, which results in termination of your vital functions
(i.e. death). Your mission is to cause these beings to mutate into the next age. After
extensive research on California teenagers we have concluded that what the species Man will
most need by his side in the future is the television set.

For this reason, whenevr you succeed in turning all four objects on a given side into
televisions, that side becomes more or less friendly to you. You will be able to
discern their friendliness by the little hearts they toss your way. Don't shoot the
hearts unless they are upsidedown. Shooting hearts will destabilize the side and you
will have to mutate them all over again. Upsidedown hearts need to be shot or the side
destabilizes itself.

When all four sides have been turned into TVs, you will get a short break before
proceeding to the next level.

You may fire in any of the four directions. Your aim is directed by "Y" as up,
"G" as left, "J" as right, and Space bar as down. You fire by pressing the "ESC" key.
Simultaneous firing in all four directions can be achieved by pressing the "A" key.
This feature may only be used a limited number of times at each level. Begin playing
by pressing the "RETURN" key.

Don't take your time. Things get harder with time. At advanced levels you will see
radioactive hunks of critical mass whirling around you. These must be disposed of or
they will do you in. They are exceedingly difficult to destroy, sometimes requiring
as many as six hits before they evolve into a less virulent form. This form may need
to be struck five times, and then four, and three, etc. before the menace is
completely removed.

A free Broderbund T-shirt will be awarded to the first person in each state who WRITES
us with a description of what happens when you win. Phoned entries are not accepted.
T-shirts are also awarded to the first Canadian and foreign winners.

This program requires a 48K Apple ][ Integer or Plus and will boot on either DOS 3.2
or DOS 3.3. This program and instructions are Copyright (C) 1981 by Broderbund

  * Each game is fully guaranteed. If it ever fails to boot, for any reason whatever,   *
  * return the disk to Broderbund Software for a free replacement. If the disk has      *
  * been physically damaged, you will be charged the cost of a replacement disk.        *

Typed in from instructions taken the game's box by Mike "Moose" O'Malley
This box was scanned into the computer by Scott Schram.

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© 2006 Scott Schram (Disclaimer)